Cathedral School cabinet upgrade…

ByKevin Dibble

Cathedral School cabinet upgrade…

With the need to remove two poorly placed historic wall mounted cabinets, a mounting frame remains for the Passive cabling due to existing cable lengths, with numbered patch leads feeding down to the newly built Server Cabinet where the active element of the network is now based.

As is often the case in schools where data cabinets are squeezed into small spaces, in this situation the new Server Cabinet was built within the room from a flat pack kit due to the door size not being wide enough for an an assembled unit to fit through.

The servers can now also be relocated to this far more manageable location making it a more aesthetically pleasing and maintainable solution for both the school and London CLC who manage the IT on site.

All carried out during the course of a Saturday so as to avoid any disruption to the teaching and learning, at a time when disruption is plentiful enough!

With over 25 years experience working within Educational establishments, Instacom are well versed in the demands that these unique environments can present.

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