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New cabinet install at Monken Hadley

With the incoming LGFL2 broadband recently being upgraded, was time to tidy things up a little…… and we took it from this..

to this…….!!

All existing UTP cabling patch panels were moved from the patching frame to the new cabinet, along with the active devices and LGFL2 equipment….. much tidier, easier to manage and appropriate for the school environment.

ByKevin Dibble

New Wireless Network for Plumcroft Primary School

During the course of this week have been upgrading the Wireless Network at Plumcroft Primary School to the latest Ubiquiti 802.11AC Wireless Access Points. Along with the classrooms, halls and office areas, Plumcroft also have some amazing spaces for teaching and learning, namely a Double Decker bus and London Underground carriage….. all of which have Wireless Access to allow full site roaming and working for the children and staff.

In addition to the Wireless upgrade, a new cabinet location was also created in a previously un used external structure, which for now will act as the uniform store, but also has plans to become a cafe. Wired and Wireless connections were installed within this new space.

ByKevin Dibble

New classroom connected

Working at Southbroom Infants School in Devizes, part of the White Horse Federation of schools, today we created a new cabinet location, linking back to the main school via a catenary wire supporting an appropriate link cable.

Within the new classroom block localised Cat 5e UTP cabling was installed to allow both Wired and Wireless connection for the staff and children when they return in a couple of weeks.

ByKevin Dibble

New cabinet installed for LGFL equipment…

Working at Triangle Nursery School in Clapham today, we installed a high level cabinet within a storeroom where the new LGFL internet equipment can now be installed.

Running appropriate copper and single mode fibre links to this new cabinet location will save the Nursery School having to swap their main data cabinet to house the new LGFL equipment, which is too deep to fit in a standard 450mm deep cabinet.

Also having installed some new data points the Nursery are also now ready for their VoIP installation in the next few weeks…..

ByKevin Dibble

St Agnes RC primary new build cabling…..

Working with Inspire ICT have completed the network element of a new two story classroom, meeting room SEN and music room extension to St Agnes RC Primary School.

Data cabling had been pulled in by the building contractor, but needed sorting, terminating, testing and labelling along with intergrating into the existing school network. This included the extension of the existing Managed Wireless Network along with giving the school a full plug and play environment in order to be ready for the returning children in a few weeks time.

ByKevin Dibble

Cathedral School cabinet upgrade…

With the need to remove two poorly placed historic wall mounted cabinets, a mounting frame remains for the Passive cabling due to existing cable lengths, with numbered patch leads feeding down to the newly built Server Cabinet where the active element of the network is now based.

As is often the case in schools where data cabinets are squeezed into small spaces, in this situation the new Server Cabinet was built within the room from a flat pack kit due to the door size not being wide enough for an an assembled unit to fit through.

The servers can now also be relocated to this far more manageable location making it a more aesthetically pleasing and maintainable solution for both the school and London CLC who manage the IT on site.

All carried out during the course of a Saturday so as to avoid any disruption to the teaching and learning, at a time when disruption is plentiful enough!

With over 25 years experience working within Educational establishments, Instacom are well versed in the demands that these unique environments can present.

ByKevin Dibble

Instacom teams up with Somerset Chamber of Commerce

As an integral part of the development of Instacom Network Installations, have teamed up with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce in order to widen our reach within the local area.

In these changing times, working with local companies and those companies effectively working together will ensure issues are solved swiftly and cost effectively.

Instacom looks forward to working with other local based organisations in the coming weeks, months and years!

ByKevin Dibble

Fibre repaired at Lady Bankes Junior School…

Following the un timely intervention of some squirrels who decided it would be a good idea to chew through the Fibre Optic link to two of the year 6 classrooms, the week before the kids were due to return, a new 4 core CST (Corrugated Steel Tape) cable was installed so as to get things back up and running as well as stopping the “chewing” from happening again!!

All done and dusted in time for the year group to return on 1st June…